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At Red Cliffs Chiropractic we believe that every patient deserves love, respect, and care. From the moment you call our office our St. George UT chiropractor will strive to connect with you and help you feel heard, valued, and truly cared for. Welcome to the Family!

This is where Life begins.

We start by listening to your needs, wants, and goals. We then take a three part spinal scan to provide information about your spine and nervous system. Then we perform a physical exam and muscle testing of your primary complaint areas. We schedule a return visit to review your scans and findings where we present a customized treatment plan for your care. We provide a cost estimate up front so you understand exactly what your body needs to at perform its best. If you’re ready to begin, we start right away!

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A Chiropractic Team You Can Trust

How Can We Help You?

Many people say that we have been successful in helping them overcome pain and injuries so that they can keep doing the things they want, need, and love to do in life.

Our Chiropractors use their hands to deliver amazing Chiropractic adjustments and AMIT muscle activation therapy to treat the root cause of pain. More importantly, our doctors take their time to educate and listen to each patient so they feel heard and cared for.

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Chiropractic Care

We assess the structure and function of your body and consider your overall health and lifestyle to create a customized plan for care

Manual Therapy

The A.M.I.T. Method

We assess the function and weakness of muscles surrounding an area of pain so we can restore strength and speed healing

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Athlete Care

Whether a competitive athlete, weekend warrior, or flowing through life, we want you to feel and perform your best at every opportunity

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Health and Vitality

Every patient deserves a joyful and pain free life with freedom to move their body. We help bring that back

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Active Families

From womb to tomb, our bodies are made to move. We keep the whole family healthy, happy, and moving together

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Focus on Movement & Life

We offer targeted and specific care to help active individuals and families improve their lives and athletic performance. Unique to our clinic, we offer The AMIT Method muscle activation therapy to reactivate muscles that are not firing. This therapy helps reduce pain, speed healing, improve mobility, and prevent injury.

Looking for the best chiropractor in St. George UT? Red Cliffs Chiropractic has your back!

Why Do I Need AMIT?

Do you feel like your Chiropractic adjustments aren't holding? Has your training been interrupted by a recent or nagging injury? Do you feel like you keep getting hurt when you try to be more active? Is your body failing to cooperate with the movement you want to do? You need AMIT!

AMT reactivates muscles that have been shut down due to injury, chronic compensation, degeneration, and more. This reactivation restores function, increases strength, speed healing, reduces pain, and protects against future degeneration.

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Jennifer Payne Snell
Jennifer Payne Snell

Thanks Dr. Scott! Wonderful staff and atmosphere, and I left feeling a million times better!

Sammi Lattin
Sammi Lattin

You know you've found the one when you can walk out feeling instant amazing relief!! Dodd himself and his receptionist Liz are both personable, friendly, and you always walk in to a great atmosphere feeling!! I will always highly recommended them, especially for the first timers!!